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Greenville CARES Business Relief Fund


Greenville County is offering small business grants for up to $10,000 for the purchase of supplies to fight COVID-19.  This grant money can help small businesses cover the cost of UVC-Lighting.  UVC-Lighting is effective in inactivating viruses and bacteria.  A recent study from the Illumination Engineering Society has shown UVC-Lighting to be effective in killing COVID-19.

How do I apply?
  • "Step 1 - Purchase the UV technology that is right for your business"
  • "Step 2 - Apply for CARES Act Grant"
    • "Step 3- Receive your CARES Act Grant"
      • Once you have received your CARES Act Grant, notify FSG UV and we will ship your product.
      • If you do not receive a CARES Act Grant, cancel the order and we will refund your money
    What businesses are eligible?
    • Small businesses and non-profits with 1-50 employees located in Greenville County that have been in operation since September 1, 2019.
    • Small businesses that are at least 51 percent owned by one or more individuals who are both socially and economically disadvantaged, with 1-50 employees located in Greenville County that have been in operation since September 1, 2019.


    How Can Funds Be used?
    These Federal funds are nonrecurring (one time) and can be used to offset expenses associated with reopening or relaunching a small business with social distancing and other safety precautions as a result of being directly affected by COVID-19. Allowable expenses include equipment, supplies, processes, building/equipment modification or adaptation, rent and utilities for leased space that was ordered to close, and operation procedures due to COVID-19.
    What businesses are not eligible?
    • Greenville County firms that are a subsidiary or partially owned by a publicly traded company or a hedge fund.
    • Companies with legal actions against or from the County, including code enforcement liens.
    • Business owners who apply for Greenville CARES Business Relief Fund grants on behalf of more than two businesses.
    • Any business that primarily operates as one of the following: Adult entertainment establishment, Bank; Savings and Loan or Credit Union, E-Commerce-only company, Liquor/Wine Store, Vaping Store, Tobacco Store, Franchised business not locally owned and independently operated.
    • Any 501c3 organizations that are primarily academic, animal welfare, grant making, political, recreational, or religious in nature.
    • Child Care Centers (Child Care funding is being provided by the County through Greenville First Steps).




    If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message at, call us at (864) 810-4281, or fill out the contact information below.